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random, occasional articles

To provide "information for interesting times" I will, from time to time (as I have time), post articles on this site. They will hopefully be informative and humorous. If you wish to receive these articles in your email, simply email me (address in left column) and ask to be on the list. You can also find the articles by browsing the archive.

At times I will post an article on the site to give you a little more information about some of the designs available on T-shirts, etc.. The article may explain the design, or why I did it, or just give you some helpful links to resources regarding the issue. It may give you a story about the way I had to fight to bring you the design. For those of you who like pictures, I have included these designs below:

Click on any design to get its article.

Impeach the bugger   Best Congre$$   no oil field left behind
Kinky Governor   Yale, Harvard, Electoral College

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