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My Other Sites:

The Project for a True American Century presents an alternative to the neo-con Project for a New American Century. We can choose a future based on fear, hate and greed, as an empire taking what it sees as necessary for its survival. Or we can choose a future based on hope, love and a celebration of the abundant universe where we move back toward self-sufficiency and sharing.

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Help!I Got A Ticket! is my response to California's multibillion dollars per year traffic tickets for revenue scam. It includes a full tutorial on how to fight traffic tickets in California. While you are there, check out the Iggy Awards given to traffic Court Judges, Commissioners and Pro Tems who have demonstrated an ignorance of the law above and beyond.

Notes from the Bus is my site about public transit in Southern California.

banner is web site dedicated to acoustic music in Southern California and beyond. It has been described as "an encyclopedia of folk music".


For the Locals goes to great links to bring you Southern California. The site includes a Museum Page.

banner specializes in graphics for and about bicycling. Designs are available on apparel, messenger bags, buttons and other merchandise.

It's not that the banjo is not a fine instrument. In the proper hands it can make the most wonderful sounds. It's just that most banjo players don't have the proper hands. is dedicated to all of the music lovers who have had to tolerate banjos in the possession of those without the proper hands to play them.

An HTML Online Tutorial for those of you who want to learn how to build a web page.

And some of my artwork is available online.

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